SGS HSE Commitment

Safeguard’s Commitment

Safeguard Security is your stalwart partner, unwavering in our commitment to nurturing a secure and thriving environment. We integrate robust security solutions with proactive health and safety protocols, all while championing environmental stewardship.

Proactive Approach to Risk

Our proactive approach to risk management sets us apart. Rather than waiting for risks to emerge, we anticipate and neutralize them through comprehensive protocols. Meticulous assessments and strategic implementation ensure that every potential challenge is addressed with precision. Whether it's utilizing high-tech monitoring systems or strategically deploying on-site security personnel, we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding our operations.

Prioritizing Our Team's Wellbeing

The safety of our team is paramount to our operational success. We spare no effort in investing heavily in their health and safety. Ongoing training programs and robust support systems are in place to enable them to perform their duties effectively and safely. This commitment to their well-being fosters an internal culture of care that extends outward, influencing every client interaction positively.

Champions of the Environment

Environmental responsibility is at the core of our operations. As green guardians, we prioritize practices that protect the planet. From incorporating sustainable technologies into our security installations to enforcing policies that minimize environmental impact, our green initiatives are as robust as our security strategies. We recognize the interconnectedness of environmental sustainability and security, and we are dedicated to upholding both.

Safeguard’s Values

At the core of Safeguard Security are values that inspire trust and foster excellence. These principles guide our daily operations and are the benchmark against which we measure our success.

Unwavering Integrity

Safeguard Security strives to continually serve our valued clients with assurance that each level of service provided is the best. We strongly believe and stand by customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Excellence

Every task, no matter how small, is executed with utmost professionalism and expertise. Our pursuit of excellence is relentless, ensuring that we deliver top-tier security services that set the standard in the industry.

A Culture of Respect

Our operational success is built on a foundation of respect—for our clients, our team, and the communities we serve. By fostering an environment of mutual respect and collaboration, we achieve more and reach further.

Safeguard’s Responsibilities

  • Provide the economic and physical resources to implement and operate the health, safety, and environmental management system.
  • Establish annual health, safety, and environmental objectives.
  • ommunicate with government, client, and employee association officials to foster an environment complementary to the promotion of the health, safety, and environmental management system.
  • Participate in major accident investigations that result in fatal or permanently disabling injuries and all major loss incidents.
  • Review and evaluate remedial actions of all fatal, permanent, or temporary disabling and medical aid injuries and serious or major losses.
  • Endorse the Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy Statement.